Floor FAQ




Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. And if you can’t find what you’re after among this lot, we’d be very interested to hear what’s on your mind. Share it with us here.


The Game

How many people can play on one lane at a time?

We recommend four to eight players on a lane. Though a minimum of two people can play. Six seems to work best.  Remember our lane fees are per lane, per 55-minute session - not per person! 

How long does a game take?

That depends on the number of players you have. As a steer, six people on one lane for an 55-minute session will give you a great experience of the game.  

Are all your lanes outdoor?

No! We have 6 indoor lanes inside the Club, as well as our 2 outdoor lanes. Perfect for every season!

Are under 18's allowed?

Yes. But only up to 7pm.

Do I need to wear special shoes?

Nope. Feel free to wear your ‘special shoes’ if you like, though. And stilettos can make things tricky. It’s entirely your call.

 Do I need to know the rules?

Yes. You really do. But our helpful staff will guide you through the rules and how to play, when you start. You’ll find it’s all very straightforward so no need to .



Can I get a refund, or change my booking to a different date?

Tickets are generally non-refundable and non-changeable. If you find you’re unable to make your booking, please contact us at bookings@londonshuffle.com as soon as possible. That way we can put your slot back on sale and, if it sells, we’ll refund you (minus the booking fee). We can’t refund you if the slot doesn’t sell. 

Can I pass my ticket on to a friend if I can't make it?

Absolutely. They’ll just need to give your name when they arrive. Not a problem. 

Can I turn up early, stay after my time?

Please do. We have a great bar area and delicious pizzas to pass the time, while listening to top tunes.

 Do you do walk-ins?

Yes. Our two outdoor lanes (Summer months) are set aside for exactly that.

 Can I get an area?

We’ll always do our best to accommodate group bookings with an area, where possible. Contact us at bookings@londonshuffle.com to arrange that.



Can we reserve an area for our group?

If you’re a group of 20+, we’ll always do our best to sort that out for you. Just get in touch at bookings@londonshuffle.com and we’ll do what we can.


We’re a pretty competitive bunch, can we run a tournament?

You sure can.  We have templates you can work with. Nice and easy.  Just contact our bookings team for more details.


It’s my friend's birthday, can I bring a cake?

Go for your life. Though we can't give you a knife - we have to cut it for you. Not our rules, promise!

Food & Drink

Do you cater for vegans and those with allergies?

Yes. Check out our menu for pizzas with vegan toppings. And our pizzas meet the mark for most food allergies, with gluten-free dough and non-cheese options. But please do contact us with any special dietary requirements, if you have any concerns. 

How big are your pizzas?

A delicious 12”.


Is it just pizza - any other food options?

Great pizza is our staple. But we’ll be collaborating with hot, new pop-up street food traders at times too. So check in with our social channels to see what’s cooking.