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London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club

London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club London Shuffle Club


Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions. And if you can’t find what you’re after among this lot, we’d be very interested to hear what’s on your mind. Share it with us.


Is your venue COVID secure?

Yes it is. This means that we have followed the guidelines set out by the government to provide our customers and staff with a safe experience. In order to do this, we have assessed all that we offer. From food, drink and service to our team and the briefings they receive, we’re frequently re-evaluating our practices to make sure we’re looking after you during your time here with us.

How has service changed in order to be COVID secure?

We are now offering a guaranteed seated table with every shuffle lane/table booking. We will be running a full table service, with designated staff for collecting your orders and bringing them to your group’s table or playing area. All of our bars will now be dispense only. Our Managers will also be on hand to ensure groups are maintaining sensible distance while you’re here with us.

Are your areas socially distanced?

By nature, our Shuffle Lanes and Tables are already socially distanced! They provide you with a space to catch up with your friends and play safely. We have lowered our maximum number of people per Lane/Table, so you’re even more easily able to observe 1m+ social distancing from other groups. We are also staggering start times to ensure shorter queues upon entry and you'll find hand sanitiser points on each Lane/Table and around the venue for your use.

How are you looking after your team?

All of our team were fully briefed on our Covid measures before returning to work and we continue to update these. This is to ensure they can look after you and themselves as much as possible. Upon arriving at work each day temperatures are taken and recorded. If anyone has a temperature, they will be asked to return home and self-isolate.

What can I expect when I arrive?

In order to safely observe capacity restrictions, we ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your playing time – though please no earlier. If you are earlier, we might ask you to wait outside while another group leaves. Upon your arrival you will be taken straight to the table reserved for your group while you wait to get on your lane/table. At the time of your booking you will be escorted to your playing area and taught how to play the game. When your playing time is over, we will show you to a reserved area for your group that you are guaranteed for 90 minutes. When walking around the venue we ask our customers to be considerate to one another, waiting to let each other pass in narrower places, and ensuring a 1m+ distance is kept. Our team will be on hand to ensure no crowding occurs and we ask you to respect this. This is to limit any close contact and ensure social distancing is adhered to.

Is the venue well ventilated?

Yes! We are incredibly fortunate to have a huge, bright and airy venue with a large outdoor terrace. There is a huge shutter to our indoor areas which is often open to ensure lots of fresh air flow throughout the venue. We have also placed fans around the venue circulating the air and windows will be opened where possible.

Is the whole venue in use?

No. Our basement bar will be closed for the foreseeable future due to social distancing restrictions, so we have moved two Classic Shuffle Tables upstairs for you to enjoy.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

In line with the latest government guidelines, customers will asked to wear a face mask whenever they are standing/playing. You will not need to wear a face mask if you are seated and eating/drinking. We ask all guests to adhere to 1m+ social distancing when moving through the venue which helps to minimise risk.

Are the Tangs and Biscuits/Pucks cleaned regularly?

The playing equipment (tangs, biscuits, pucks) will be deep cleaned before your arrival, and then again once you’ve departed the area, before another group uses them.

How can I book a table before/after my game time?

No need to! We’ll automatically reserve you and your group a table for a guaranteed 90 minutes post-playing time, to ensure you get a chance to enjoy our great bar and delicious pizzas. If there is space after this, we’re more than happy for you to stick around for another drink or two.

The Game

How many people can play on one lane at a time?

Due to COVID-19 capacity amendments, and more recently the givernment's 'rule of 6' - two to six players can play on our Shuffle Lanes and Shuffle Tables per session. Remember our fees are charged per Lane/Table, per 55-minute session – and not per person!

How long does a game take?

That depends on the number of players you have. As a steer, six people on one Lane/Table for a 55-minute session will give you a great experience of the game.

Are all your Shuffle Lanes outdoor?

No! We have 4 indoor Shuffle Lanes plus 2 Shuffle Tables inside the Club, as well as our 2 outdoor Lanes. Perfect for every season!

Are under 18’s allowed?

Yes. But only up to 7pm. Our Bottomless Brunch sessions are also not particularly suitable for children.

Do I need to wear special shoes?

Nope. Feel free to wear your ‘special shoes’ if you like, though. And stilettos may make things tricky. It’s entirely your call!

Do I need to know the rules?

Yes. You really do. But our helpful hosts will guide you through the rules and how to play, at the start of your session. You’ll find it’s all very straightforward, we promise!


Can I get a refund, or change my booking to a different date?

Tickets are generally non-refundable and non-changeable. If you find you’re unable to make your booking, please contact us at bookings@londonshuffle.com as soon as possible. That way we can put your slot back on sale and, if it sells, we’ll refund you (minus the booking fee). We can’t refund you if the slot doesn’t sell so the more notice, the better your chance!

Can I pass my ticket on to a friend if I can't make it?

Absolutely. They’ll just need to give your name when they arrive. Not a problem.

Can I turn up early/stay after my game time?

Due to COVID-19 capacity amendments, we ask that you arrive at the venue, 30 minutes before your playing time begins (though please no earlier due to capacity restrictions). We will automatically reserve you and your group a table to enjoy food and drinks after your playing time. We have a great bar area and delicious pizzas to pass the time, with some great tunes!

Do you do walk-ins?

Yes we do! Shuffleboard is subject to availability on the day. It's always fine to pop in for a drink or pizza, as long as there's a table for you.

Do you take cash?

We are only able to take card payments in the venue.

If I’ve booked an outdoor Shuffle Lane and it rains on the day, can I switch to indoors?

Rest assured, our outdoor Shuffle Lanes are covered by huge industrial rain-proof umbrellas meaning you can shuffle away even on the greyest of London days. We would only move you indoors if there is capacity on the day. And if we’re busy indoors, we sadly wouldn’t be able to refund or transfer your ticket.

Can I get an area?

We’ll automatically reserve you and your team a seated table for a guaranteed 90 minutes post-playing time, to ensure you get a chance to enjoy our great bar and delicious pizzas!


Can we reserve an area for our group?

We’ll reserve you and your team a table for a guaranteed 90 minutes post-playing time, to ensure you get a chance to enjoy our great bar and delicious pizzas!

We’re a pretty competitive bunch, can we run a tournament?

You sure can. We have templates you can work with. Nice and easy. Just contact our bookings team for more details.

It’s my friend's birthday, can I bring a cake?

Go for your life. Though we can't give you a knife - we have to cut it for you. Not our rules, promise!

Food & Drink

Do you cater for vegans and those with allergies?

Yes. Check out our menu for pizzas with vegan toppings. And our pizzas meet the mark for most food allergies, with gluten-free dough and non-cheese options. But please do contact us with any special dietary requirements, if you have any concerns.

How big are your pizzas?

A delicious 12”.

Is it just pizza - any other food options?

Great pizza is our staple.